weighted blanket for grown ups with sleeping disorder

The study has been done as a Bachelor thesis, the full study is presented in 20 pages and was done during 2017 in Sweden. Language: Swedish.

Weighted blankets influence on sleep and activity

This is a bachelor thesis presented in 34 pages and was done in 2011 in Sweden, thus the thesis is written in Swedish.

weighted blanket can help when visiting the dentist?

The study was conducted to research if the parasympathetic part of the nervous system was activated when using a weighted blanket. The parasympathetic nervous system usually activates once your body is resting and not experiencing stress or anxiety. Language: Swedish.

Weighted blanket for children 0-18 years old

A monitoring study of children whit previous sleep disorders, 75% of the children in the study have had a positive effect of the weighted blanket. It is shown in the study that many children are taking pills to help them fall asleep at ages between five and nine years old.


Science Says Weighted Blankets Could Be the Solution to America’s Sleep Problems

Physiological Effects of Deep Touch Pressure on Anxiety Alleviation: The Weighted Blanket Approach

Lack of Sleep has been named one of Americas health epidemics. This post and the research finds weighted blankets to be one part of the solution to lack of sleep and rest.

Research has indicated that DTP intervention can increase the quality of life of patients suffering from anxiety, pain, and unrest, including individuals with developmental disability, dementia, attention deficits, and nonspecific special needs.