Qalm Lyocell

Qalm Lyocell


The Qalm Lyocell blanket will help you fall asleep quicker, stay asleep throughout the night. Once the Deep Pressure Stimulation starts your body will produce the same hormones naturally as you get from taking sleeping pills.

The Qalm Lyocell was designed to have as low an impact on the environment and at the same time give you that feeling of “I’m not leaving” once you are wrapped up in it. Its best used in bed when sleeping or taking a nap. We’ve named this cover “The Summerblanket” because it is 4-5 degrees celsius cooler than cotton, which means it will feel cold on your skin during summer.

The Lyocell as a material has many PROs which you can read about on our “Lyocell” page.

By helping your mind and body to rest properly you will eliminate risks of countless unwanted symptoms arising from bad sleep and stress.

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