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The original Qalm blanket was a redesign of an existing weighted blanket. As we found out the filling was potentially dangerous for the environment we decided to remake it all. We started with the filling and quickly decided that micro glass beads was the best way for durability and free from substances that might harm or irritate.

We then decided on how to make the outer shell of the blanket, we ourselves found massive change in mood by using it as a blanket which had to have the ultra soft micro-plush material made from recycled plastics. But to really provide out customers with a sleep experience we wanted something soft, durable and sustainable, that’s why we choose Lyocell produced out of bamboo biomass.

Qalm - lyocell

Qalm Blanket - Blanket/bedspread/Duvet

Qalm was designed to provide a weighted blanket that not only give all the benefits of a weighted blanket - Studies - but also be a nice interior detail to your home. With the colors and materials of Qalm you can get that luxury feeling of your living room by having the blanket folded on the couch, you may use it as a bedspread or make your bed with the lyocell cover.

The weight of the blanket is from an inner blanket, by tying the outer shell to the loops attached on the inner blanket the weight stays evenly spread. The inner blanket contains thousands of glass micro beads which are distributed in a grid pattern to spread the weight evenly and give your whole body that deep pressure stimulation.


Reports of Stress & Anxiety has risen by nearly 300% in the past two years.

We want to change that.



What Our customers have to say

It feels like i could do everything but really i don’t have to do anything
— Customer #2
Det var lite ovant i början, men när jag väl somnade så sov jag som en bebis, kan jag köpa en direkt
— Customer #7
Jag känner i huvudet att jag har fått högre kvalité på sömnen, jag känner mig liksom utvilad
— Customer #5
Laying down like this gives me the same feeling i have when i come home from the gym
— Ossian