What is a Qalm Blanket?

Qalm Blanket is a high quality weighted blanket that help with sleep disorders, restlessness, as well as mental disorders such as ADHD, Down syndrome, Asperger syndrome or autism. In addition, it has become a beneficial tool used in therapy for sensory integration disorders.

Qalm blanket distributes weight evenly to the whole body, creating the feeling of a gentle, loving embrace. The body relaxes on its own. Stress and anxiety levels drop and you can peacefully fall asleep and feel rested.

Qalm Blankets are more than just a therapeutic remedy. They have been wonderfully designed, as a soft blanket that can be used comfortably every day of the year.

How Heavy should my blanket be?

It is a personal preference but we strongly recommend that you decide on a weight between 7-13% of your full bodyweight. If you want additional pressure you can always fold the blanket on top of you to get the full weight of it.

I often feel too hot while using normal blankets. How does this product cope with heat distribution?

Our weighted blankets are suitable for year-round use. All products include a warm outer shell for the winter season along with a breathable base layer for the summer season.

Our recommendation is to add a Lyocell Cover in your order and change the outer shell for the warmer periods so that you still can enjoy all the benefits of your weighted blanket.

Which diseases, disorders and symptoms can a Qalm Blanket help with?

Studies have proven that a gravity blanket® has had a positive effect on the following diseases, disorders and symptoms:

Sleep disorders / insomnia (or problems with falling asleep)



Asperger syndrome and autism

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS, Restless Legs), which can be due to chemotherapy or menopause

Anxiety and panic attacks

Internal and physical tension

Sensory integration disorders

In people of the age of 65 or older, symptoms of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s could be reduced


Will it work even when shared between couples?

We strongly recommend purchasing two blankets as the therapeutic tool which is a weighted blanket is individually selected and sharing it will diminish the effects.

P.S It is still very cosy to share the blanket.

How do I wash my blanket?

Our Qalm blanket consists of two parts: the soft cover shell and the inner weighted blanket. Both can be washed in the washing machine at 30 ° C. First, check that the weight of the gravity blanket® does not exceed the weight capacity of the washing machine drum. It is usually sufficient if you only wash the soft cover. Please do not use a dryer as it may damage the fabric.

Let the blanket dry completely before putting the weighted inner blanket into the soft shell.

Why is the blanket so expensive?

Is it really expensive?

The reason for our price is that we only work with specific recycled and reusable material that is produced and put together in a factory with proper working terms and salaries.

Buying a weighted blanket is an investment that will give return for a long time, skipping a few days a month of sleeping pills and you will have saved enough for a blanket in no time.