Deep pressure stimulation, what really happens?

Weighted blankets have a strong reputation among medical experts for good reason: they are effective! The Qalm Blanket is an absolute necessity for anyone who struggles with regularly getting a good night’s sleep or have problems calming down after a long days work.

When you use the Qalm Blanket, you’ll feel happier!

The deep pressure stimulation increases natural production of serotonin, endorphins and dopamine—often regarded as “happy hormones”—and your melatonin levels, which helps you feel drowsy and makes it easier for you to sleep. You’ll experience decreased in your cortisol levels—”Stress hormones”—which will help you calm down. By regularly sleeping with a Qalm Blanket, your heart rate and blood pressure will drop. This helps you feel less anxious and makes it easier for you to fall asleep.





Please read more about the weighted blankets as a tool to help prevent sleeping disorders, ADHD, ADD and stress related illnesses on our Scientific studies page!



Where Qalm will help you out

In the last two years the number of people who reported suffering from stress and anxiety has increased by nearly 300%.

It’s never been harder to turn off your mind and completely unplug to reach deep rest and relaxation. We’re constantly multitasking, checking our phones, and going from one place to another. Even in those rare times when we do disconnect and try to relax we still end up feeling overloaded.

A stressful lifestyle can have huge negative impact on our health. But there are things you can do to reduce your stress so that you can live a happier and healthier life.

The weighted blanket is one way to counteract the root of many of health problems by helping you to sleep properly and calm down after a long day.

Feeling stress and/or anxiety will decrease our productivity and can lead to long term health problems as your body is not getting the rest it needs.

Weight gain, Sluggishness, Premature signs of aging, Hair loss, Skin problems, Poor memory, Depression, Skin-Irritation, Brain damage, Upset stomach, Substance abuse, Heart problems, Stroke, Early death and more.

By properly sleeping and relaxing your body will get a chance to repair and together with exercise and good food you stand a great chance of staying away from all of the above.

Being wrapped in the Qalm, it feels like being hugged, the weight envelopes you in a safe space. The weight will relax your body through a sense of warmth and safety—and that’s exactly what’s needed! These are ideal conditions to help you fall asleep or just calm down after a workout, a party, a long day of work. If you’re reading in bed or relaxing on your couch after a long day, curl up with your Qalm Blanket.

Qalm comes in three different weights, 7kg - 10kg - 12kg, the weight of your blanket shall range between 7 and 13% of your body weight to create the perfect personal sleeping experience.

Some will want a little bit more weight and some a little bit less.

To help you figure out your weight check out how a few of our customers are using theirs today:

Pro tips on how to use your Qalm

Female, ~ 55kg - Uses 12kg, sometimes packs it in two layers for extra pressure.
Male, ~ 85kg - Uses 7kg, makes burrito of himself within the blanket.
Female, ~ 70kg - Uses 7kg, to reach deeper meditative state during meditation. Male, ~ 70kg - Uses 10kg, has blanket as bedspread with regular duvet underneath the blanket. Uses it to calm down when going to bed and only sleeps with it sometimes.

Share your tips on ways of using Qalm so that we all may benefit of complete relaxation!