Weighted blankets, is it really for everyone?

The origin of weighted blankets come from medicinal purposes, all the effects that a weighted blanket has on your body and mind is perfect to help people suffering from conditions where pills are the most commonly used method of treatment.

As the Weighted blanket helps your body to naturally produce hormones which otherwise would’ve come from pills it is a method truly worth testing out if you are experiencing problems with sleep, stress, anxiety or other similar problems.

Here at Qalm we’ve decided to make our blanket look good, because we want our customers to have their blanket laying on the couch or using it as a bedspread. The hassle of hiding the blanket during daytime is not our jam and we will strive to produce the best looking blankets with the lowest possible impact on the environment for as long as people are struggling to calm the f*** down.

As for the question we asked ourselves in the title of this post, YES, our blanket is for everyone, we’re more than happy to help you find your exact way of using it!

Ian Zakrisson