Lyocell compared to Cotton

The never ending discussion regarding material uses, material properties and how the best material can be produced at the lowest environmental impact.

For many years, Cotton, has been the name of the game. It’s cheap to produce and is soft on skin and can be washed and used for a long time once it is produced. One thing about cotton is Water usage during production which for one kilogram of cotton 8.000-10.000 liters of water is needed.

Unfortunately this is not good at all looking from a sustainable standpoint.

We, Humans, inhabiting this world needs to find different ways of producing products that does not take a big of toll on the environment as Cotton for instance does.

That’s why we’ve produced Lyocell covers, 1/10th of the water is needed to produce the same mass of material. As we produce Lyocell in a production loop we are able to minimize our impact.

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Ian Zakrisson