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The Fabric

The outer shell of Qalm comes in two different materials, Lyocell and Micro-plush.

Both materials have similar characteristics being Odor free, antibacterial, breathable and durable. But most importantly both textiles are extremely soft, so soft that you can’t stop stroking it while wrapped in the blanket. When choosing your outer shell material we believe that how you use your Qalm will help you in making your decision.

If you sleep well at night but are struggling to relax properly after work, want a beautiful bedspread or blanket in your couch to give that super cozy feeling to your home we suggest the Micro-plush cover in Space or Lava gray, depending on the interior of your home.  

If you for any other reason are thinking about a Qalm weighted blanket the Lyocell cover with its beautiful colors and sustainable material will help you fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. With less dye needed and with a tenth of the water to produce cotton this material is ideal for a low impact super soft weighted blanket. If for some reason your lyocell cover would end up in nature, it is 100% biodegradable!

No matter the material you decide on, you can always add an extra outer shell so that you can switch around and get both that beautiful bedspread and that perfect rest at night.

If you want to read more on all the amazing traits Lyocell has compared to cotton and other fabrics.

The Filling

Every Qalm Blanket is filled with thousands of micro glass beads. The glass is reusable, non-toxic and has much less strains on the weighted blanket compared to plastic beads, so that your Qalm stays intact and endures snuggles for many years to come. The filling is evenly spread and densely packed to add that sought after weight to keep you calm and grounded. The inner blanket and the outer shell are both machine washable (30 degrees) and dryer safe for easy and convenient care.





Micro Plush Washing instructions:


When using your Weighted Blanket continuously you will at some point need to wash the outer shell. Below are simple instructions on how you make sure your weighted blanket will last for a long time and always feel crispy fresh.

When washing your weighted blanket you simply remove the outer Micro Plush shell that is tied to the weighted inner blanket. Put the Micro Plush shell in the washer on thirty (30) degrees. Make sure to hang dry the shell before putting it back on.

Tips from the founders:

Always wash in 30 degrees, do not Iron, tumble dry or dry clean if you want to make your weighted blanket last for the years to come.

Washing instructions pt1 Micro.jpg
Washing instructions micro pt2.jpg
Qalm Weighted Blanket Space Grey

Qalm Weighted Blanket Space Grey

Qalm Weighted Blanket Lava Grey

Qalm Weighted Blanket Lava Grey

Lyocell washing instructions


Qalm Weighted Blankets Lyocell cover is something out of the ordinary, it is an outer shell that helps you stay cool during hot summer nights by breathing better than cotton, it helps by being antibacterial and has many other fabulous traits which you can read about on this page:- Lyocell Properties -.

Washing your Lyocell shell is similar to the Micro Plush cover as it shall be cold, 30 degrees, can be tumble dried but preferably not. Do not use Bleach or Fabric softeners, this material is softer than any cotton without.

Tips from the founders:

Wash in 30 degrees, hang to dry and wait until it is dry everywhere before putting it back on. Most importantly, enjoy it!

Qalm Weighted Blanket Lyocell

Qalm Weighted Blanket Lyocell